December 2019 - Dog Star Ranch

Is Santa Paws delivering a new pup to your home this holiday season?

Whether you are adopting from a local shelter or purchasing from a responsible and reputable breeder, here are some important things to consider before welcoming a forever fur-friend into your home, especially around the holidays: Is everyone in the home on board? Are dogs allowed in the home/apartment? Is there room within the home? Have you researching breeds and their specific needs? Have you discussed what qualities you want in a dog? Are you willing

Preparing for the Pawlidays

Between cleaning the house, meal prepping, and preparing for your guests to arrive, it’s important to remember to prep your fur-friend for the festivities as well. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind during the holiday: 1. Avoid Feeding Table Scraps As tempting as it might be to fix your pup a plate of delicious human food, it can wreck havoc on their system. It’s also important to watch out for counter surfers