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Hello Spring

March winds have caused Dog Star Ranch to change how we operate. We’ve suspended certain services and lessened our already small staff in order to comply with state ordinances and health guidelines. This global pandemic has caused our community to slow down, if not come to a halt.

There are many people who work on the frontlines, as well as others who continue to go to work to provide other services. There are those that are able to work from home, but there are also those who have found themselves unemployed. This unprecedented time that we find ourselves in leaves our heart aching, not just for ourselves, but for everyone affected by the unexpected. As we enter April, we continue to look at the uncertainty of the situation that we find ourselves in.

We’ve always looked forward to April because of Spring Break, our busiest time of year, but plans have changed and trips have been cancelled. Although our boarding is quiet, our daycare barks with four-legged friends. We might not be as busy as we want to be, but we are still here. We are still here because of YOU, because we still need and support each other.

We’ve been weathered by the wind and rain that has fallen upon us, but we’ll get back up. Just like the May flowers, we’ll push through the dirt and blossom at the end of all of this.

We continue to count our blessings as we look ahead to the light at the end of the tunnel. We continue to be thankful for those working on the frontline, for our essential workers, for our clients who continue to support us and use our services, for our staff that is taking care of the dogs, and for our staff waiting to come back.

Let us know how you are doing in the comments below!

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  1. Julie Thorsen | | Reply

    Thank you Dog Star Ranch for staying open and providing the love, care and necessities that our four legged friends need, like baths and toe nails clipped and day care. We appreciate you all too during this pandemic time. Your amazing and our pup would be sad if she couldn’t come there to play. Thank you.

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