Dog Star Ranch – Daycare Program

Dog Star Ranch guest’s will love to stay and play while there owners are away.

Daycare at Dog Star Ranch is an interactive and safe place to play with other dogs. Daycare keeps our pets healthy and exercised while maintaining good manners and social skills for everyday life. Daycare Star Buddies offer a full day of activities. Our DayStars are given lots of hugs, lovin and 100% attention.

Our one of a kind daycare program offers a full day of exercise and socialization under the supervision of the Dog Star Ranch trainers and Star Buddies. It includes trips throughout the parks, socialization with canine and human companions, snacks, and so much more. They can end the day with a trip to our Stylist for a quick blow out to help get rid of some of the dirt and hair (only a full bath can clean up all the fun).

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Dog Daycare Packages

Packages NEVER expire and can be used as frequently as you choose!
If you have a family with more than one pup, buy a package to cover them all for many days of play.


1 Day: $28.00
5 Days: $120.00 – $24/day savings of $20
10 Days: $230.00 – $23/day, savings of $50
20 Days: $440.00 – $22/day, savings of $120

Structured Daycare

This is a structured, motivational obedience training program that will focus on manners, obedience, socialization, and behavioral issues. This caters to the needs of the owners and the dog. This is individual time for your dog to work with the trainer while focusing on your requested needs while at DSR for Daycare. A report will be emailed by the trainer each week for your updated and continued home training. Sessions are recommended at least once a week, and are scheduled out by the month beginning with a Structured Daycare Evaluation for their first day. Give the office a call to set this up for your pup!

Dog Star Ranch will give your dog somethin’ to bark about!