Dog Star Ranch My Way Home Program

The Dog Star Ranch My Way Home Program takes a dog that is homeless, helps improve manners through training and socialization, and provides them with the tools to be a healthy canine citizen. These dogs earned the “Golden Ticket,” as Carol would say.  The adoption cost is an annual membership and a basic training class to provide the new family with a simple transition, basic tools, and a forever resource in the Ranch.  Whenever they renew their memberships, that money goes back into the program to help more dogs down the road.

We never want any of our dogs to find their way back to the shelters and we want to make sure that we place dogs in the home that is perfect for them and their family.  If you are interested in a My Way Home dog, we make sure you and your entire household comes out to the Ranch and visits with the dog at least twice (can be many more times than that as there is no rush).  When you feel ready to take the next step we’ll schedule a home visit for a couple days. The Dog Star Ranch trainer and manager will bring the dog to your home to make sure everything is off to a good start. The dog will then be in the care of the prospective family during that time to see if it is a good fit.  At the completion of that visit, the family can make the decision to adopt the dog or say it isn’t the correct fit.  

Are you looking to add a canine family member to your home?  Contact the Ranch and we’ll schedule an “interview.”  During this time, we’ll ask you about your family, your lifestyle, your “dream dog,” and we’ll connect with local rescues to help you find that forever friend that fits that profile and bring them into the program.

Dog Star Ranch also works with local rescues and those that make the decision to adopt when adding to their family.  Dogs that are adopted from a rescue organization are eligible for discounts on several Ranch services, such as training, grooming, and the parks, if they come in within the first 30 days (must present adoption contract from the rescue organization to receive the discounts).  That way we can help right from the start before any issues may arise.

Dog Star Ranch is here to help people keep their furry family members in their homes and out of the shelters!  If you are contemplating turning your dog over to a rescue, please consider calling us first to see how we can help you.